Lory Student Center

Lory Student Center's mission:

As a student-centered organization at the heart of campus, we provide programs and services that create an inclusive community and inspire active, engaged learning.

We begin our tour at the Lory Student Center on Colorado State University's main campus. According to CSU's website, "the Lory Student Center serves as a supportive, creative gathering place for exchanging ideas, socializing, challenging social and cultural norms, engaging in campus activities... Your place to explore, experience, discover, and belong."

LSC is not only the hub of connections at CSU, it is a large facility containting a food court, several art galleries, and the various Cultural Centers that serve CSU's student population. These centers serve as a great jumping off point for members of various BIPOC groups to meet, socialize with, and explore the University with other students who share the same racial identity. Let's go inside to learn more about what the LSC has to offer!

Lory Student Center, 1101 Center Avenue Ml, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521, United States