Duhesa Gallery

Third floor of Lory Student Center, Centre Ave., Fort Collins, Colorado 80521, United States


The Duhesa Gallery is located in the Lory Student Center. The closest public parking to the Duhesa Gallery is in front of Morgan Library. Once you have paid at a Pay to Park Kiosk, face the Library, then walk to your left. You will cross a bike lane and a sidewalk. Proceed up the steps to the closest doors of the Lory Student Center. Once you enter there, go to the 300 level near the Grand Ballroom and the Native American Cultural Center.

Morgan Library Parking Lot

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Created in 1986, the Duhesa Gallery acknowledges the significance of Native American heritage in the United States. The gallery exhibits works of Native artists throughout North America. Duhesa (Dew-He’-Sah) means ‘One Who Appreciates Beauty’. Therefore, the goal of the LSC Arts Program is to highlight artists who thrive within the realms of both contemporary art practice and traditional methods.