Global Village Museum of Arts & Cultures

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(970) 221-4600

200 West Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521, United States

🏛️ 🎨 A museum with galleries displaying folk arts from around the world in order to promote understanding.


The Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures strives to become an internationally renowned center for the celebration and preservation of world arts and cultures. Guided by this vision, the Museum’s mission is to foster and celebrate international connections between Northern Colorado and the world through exhibits of folk art, fine arts, and artifacts from around the globe and to provide international resources and educational opportunities.


Beginning in June 2006, members of the community wanted a place to engage and inspire visitors to learn more about world cultures, people, art, and history in order to promote world understanding and foster peace. The Global Village Museum was created and opened its first facility in March 2010.

In April of 2011 the Museum relocated to a larger facility on Mountain Avenue where the Museum’s diverse collections and artifacts are on display in one of four gallery spaces: Main Gallery, Mundoville Gallery (International Folk Art in Miniature), Village Arts Gallery, and Hall Gallery.

The Main Gallery showcases temporary exhibits every 3 to 4 months. The Mundoville Gallery and Village Arts Gallery are home to the Museum’s permanent collection of world folk art, fine art, artifacts, and musical instruments donated by local collectors and founding members of the Museum.

To date the Museum’s collection includes hundreds of ethnographic items, art, and archaeological objects from around the world. The artifacts represent many historical periods, myriad world cultures illustrating diversity of ancient and traditional techniques, and materials used by people from every continent.

The Museum collaborates with private collectors to enhance exhibits and expand educational opportunities. Private collectors to enhance exhibits and expand educational opportunities. Previous exhibits at the Museum have showcased many pieces of these collections.